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All physiotherapists are regulated by the HCPC and, at MacFarlane Physiotherapy, we are also members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP).  Guidance from the CSP currently states that we are permitted to provide face-to-face appointments.  We will ask you to answer COVID screening questions in advance of your appointment and remote treatment is available for those who prefer or require it.

What this means for you

  • All in-clinic patients must complete answer the  COVID screening questions before their first appointment
  • Remote appointments are available for those who prefer or need it

The Team


Jean McClements
Jean McClements
July 27, 2022.
Jane was such a lovely woman and put you at ease immediately . She provided me at every stage of my treatment of what she would be doing , why and of what progress I was making. I would recommend Jane and your practice to anyone
David Forsyth
David Forsyth
July 25, 2022.
Went to McFarlane Physiotherapy for a shoulder impingement. From front reception through to Tom the service was exceptional. Tom was very knowledgeable and went through the exercises I needed for pain management in clear instructions and with consideration for the level of pain I was experiencing. After a few visits I had a marked improvement in my shoulder movements and reduction in pain level. I would highly recommend this Physiotherapy practice.
Edgar McIntosh
Edgar McIntosh
July 25, 2022.
A truly welcoming and professional experience!.
john mclintock
john mclintock
July 22, 2022.
Very professionally handled and great front of office
Liam Rankin
Liam Rankin
July 20, 2022.
Was In a small crash had bad WIP lash and was sent hare since my treatment I not had much more pain get place great staff
Anne Mccann
Anne Mccann
July 18, 2022.
My shoulder pain was cured after 3 appointments with my physiotherapist. A full assessment was done and treatment and excercises given to do at home on my visit. I did these as instructed and had another 2 visits for treatment. I continued the excercises at home for a short time after this until I had a full range of movement again. I have had no problem since. I highly recommend McFarlane Physiotherapy. The practice is spotless and all the staff I spoke to were very helpful and professional.
Archie Gray
Archie Gray
July 17, 2022.
Consistent, friendly and excellent, tailored service.
Graham Thomson
Graham Thomson
July 16, 2022.
Got physio after car accident and got great treatment certainly helped my back 1st day I walked in was told my back had pulled my leg up 1.5" higher than other one about 12 sessions later I was fixed

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We are proud to offer a wide range of comprehensive services to meet your needs. Our team of professional physios specialise in providing personalized physiotherapy for any type of injury.

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Sports Massage

Sports massage is tailored to the athlete so it is it differs from other massages in the way that you work with the athlete’s regime and where they’re training and if they’re pre-event or if they’re post-event.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is targeted mainly for specific targets. The techniques are similar to Swedish but there is more pressure and focus more on the deeper layers.

Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a clinical approach to soft tissue therapy dysfunction or damage. Suitable for kids up to senior citizens, anyone can get a remedial massage for a whole range of conditions.

Swedish Massage

A swedish massage is a relaxation massage with the goal and focus of a relaxation. The basis is to relax and to release the superficial muscle tension and to increase relaxation.

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