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Sports Massage

Sports massage is tailored to the athlete so it is it differs from other massages in the way that you work with the athlete's regime and where they're training and if they're pre-event or if they're post-event.

You don't have to be like a high-performing athleat to benefit from a sports massage. Anybody that is getting ready for any type of athletic event will benefit or you are just a gym goer that needs a little bit extra. Specific sports you treat in in different manners, it all depends on the your event so if you're a swimmer we'd be focusing on your shoulders if you're a runner we do more focusing on your legs and lower body.

Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage Stirling

Deep tissue massage is targeted mainly for specific targets and it's usually going to be a lot slower and deeper than a Swedish massage. The techniques are similar but there is more pressure in there and focus more on the deeper layers instead of superficial. The most common ailment that people come in requesting deep tissue is for chronic pain around the neck shoulders and lower back.

What's actually happening to your muscles when you get a deep tissue massage what is that it loosens the adhesions scar tissue you have a lot of knots that's been built over a period of time and you can retain lactic acid in order to get through knots sometimes you have to break through and flush.

Remedial Massage

Remedial Massage Stirling
Remedial massage is a clinical approach to soft tissue therapy dysfunction or damage. For example, if you hurt your shoulder throwing a ball the therapist will take you through a range of them to determine which muscle is causing the problem and will focus their attention to that specific problem. Low back pain, shoulder pain a lot of people who are desk-bound working at keyboards all the time or used to using the phone will often get up a neck pain headaches the whole range of anything.

Going into a consultation with a therapist you can expect the therapist to take a very detailed history of what caused the dysfunction and then they would go through a range of movement assessments to see how far you're limited in your movement. Once the assessment is complete, the practitioner will treat you on the table using a range of techniques.

Sometimes it is uncomfortable particularly if the practitioners using trigger point therapy as trigger point therapy can be a little bit painful at times but it depends whether the practitioner needs to work a little bit deeper into the into the muscle structure. Remedial massage safe for everybody. It's for kids up to senior citizens anyone can get a remedial massage for a whole range of conditions.

Swedish Massage

A swedish massage is a relaxation massage with the goal and focus of a relaxation. The basis is to relax and to release the superficial muscle tension and to increase relaxation. There are five basic techniques that are very basic and used in swedish massage. One of them is called effleurage, which is gliding motion using long strokes. The second one is called petrissage which consists of more of a squeezing pulling of the muscle get blood circulation. The next one is a rhythmic percussion and then there is vibration which consists more of a little bit of a shaking and the last one is friction.

Swedish is ideal for office workers who get a lot of tension in their upper back. That tension happens because we work on computers every day because we have a tendency to lift our shoulders up when working at keyboards which promotes the building up of knots.

Available therapies:
  Swedish massage
  Soft tissue manipulation
  Sports maintenance massage and prevention of injuries
  Relaxing massage
  Remedial massage
  Sports injuries
  Pre and post sports events massage
  Deep tissue massage therapy

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