Balance, Force, and Pressure

Patient Report

Objective, real-time data to assess, retrain and evaluate performance

BodiTrak BioMetrics Pressure Mapping System is an effective tool for enhancing your treatment, wellness or performance.

About BodiTrak BioMetrics

  1. Prevent the pain and suffering of patients
  2. Maximize quality of life, comfort and safety
  3. Optimize performance in daily life and sports performance
  4. Improve sleep, one great sleep at a time

An efficient tool that provides powerful data for optimal patient care

Assess – Retrain – Evaluate

The BodiTrak BioMetrics Pressure Mapping System provides objective data and performance metrics for clinical decisions. With this tool we gain a better picture of symmetry, weight shift, compensations, balance and more for your analysis, treatment progression and return to function.

Data Driven Rehab Progression

At MacFarlane Physiotherapy, we have incorporated the BodiTrak pressure mat for clinical decision-making to guide the lower and upper extremity patients’ progression for discharge criteria to decrease compensatory patterns and increase function.

Advanced Software

Facilitate evaluations and treatments

Quantitative Results

Minimize the impact of qualitative interpretation and treatment

Guided Assessments

Bilateral balance, Single Leg Balance, mCTSCIB, fCTSIB, Squat Test, Vertical Jump Test

Real-time Feedback

Enhance patient engagement with interactive training

Built-in guided assessments and real-time biofeedback modules

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