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Understanding your running mechanics is crucial for both preventing and addressing running injuries. A comprehensive assessment, ideally through a 3D gait analysis, offers a detailed insight into how you move in the three planes of human motion. This sophisticated approach goes beyond a mere diagnosis of existing injuries; it serves as a foundation for personalized rehabilitation plans and targeted treatments.

The benefits of gait analysis for runners have been extensively documented.

Diagnosing Injuries at Their Source - Identifying the root cause of injuries allows for more effective and targeted interventions.

Guiding Rehabilitation Plans - Tailoring rehabilitation plans based on the specific findings of gait analysis ensures a focused and efficient recovery process.

Highlighting Injury Risk Areas - Pinpointing areas of vulnerability enables the development of proactive strategies to prevent future injuries.

What does the Run3D Gait Analysis include?


We will initiate the assessment process by gathering a comprehensive history, delving into both your current and past injuries, and clarifying your running objectives.

39 reflective markers will be placed in specific locations on your legs and shoes. This procedure ensures a precise evaluation of your biomechanics.

3D Gait Analysis

Your clinician will ask you to warm-up on the treadmill, ensuring you're adequately prepared. Once ready, we'll initiate the data collection process.

Utilizing Run3D's advanced technology, we obtain real-time measurements of your movement patterns. This immediate analysis allows your clinician to promptly identify any asymmetries or deviations in your gait that may not be discernible to the naked eye.

Throughout the assessment, your clinician may conduct tests at various running speeds or with different footwear, customizing the evaluation to suit your specific requirements.

Musculoskeletal Testing

Following your gait analysis, your clinician will conduct a comprehensive series of objective clinical tests designed to precisely assess your strength, range of motion, alignment, and neuromuscular control.

These clinical tests yield valuable data, offering a holistic perspective on your movement patterns. Integrating the outcomes of these musculoskeletal tests with the detailed gait analysis, we attain a comprehensive understanding of how your body moves and the reasons behind any particular movement patterns.

Report Review

Our skilled clinician will carefully review your report alongside you, intricately piecing together all the information. This process aims to gain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics of your body, utilizing the data obtained to formulate an individualized plan tailored to your unique results.

Leveraging the powerful insights provided by Run3D, we delve into identifying the root cause of your injury. This understanding serves as the bedrock for crafting an effective and sustainable rehabilitation plan designed to address the underlying issues.

Treatment & Recovery

The outcomes of your assessment will form the basis of a meticulously crafted, data-driven treatment and rehabilitation program. This personalized plan may encompass elements such as strength and conditioning exercises, targeted home exercise routines, physiotherapy interventions, recommendations regarding footwear or orthotics, gait re-education strategies, or, if necessary, referral to another healthcare practitioner.

Free Runners Pack*:

With any Run3D Assessment

  • 1x Zinc Tape
  • 1x Kinesiology Tape
  • 1x 500ml Water Bottle

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Run3D Basic
Run3D Gait Analysis Only
£150 for local clubs, Blue Light & MoD / £135 for students

3D Gait Analysis

Report Review

Treatment & Recovery Plan

Exclusive Runner Rehab Packages

Only available after completing a Run3d Gait Analysis + Strength & Flexibility Testing

Following your Run3D Assessment, you’ll be recommended one of the following Runners Packages to suit your condition, goals and expectations. These packages are only available to clients who have undergone a full Run3D + Strength & Flexibility Testing.

Bronze Runners Package
4 sessions in total

1 x 45 Minute Initial Assessment

3 x 30 Minute Appointments

Physio Treatment

Soft Tissue Massage

Home Exercises App

Platinum Runners Package
12 sessions in total

1 x 45 Minute Initial Assessment

8 x 30 Minute Appointments

1 x 60 Minute Movement Assessment

2 x 60 Minute Sports Massages

Physio Treatment

Soft Tissue Massage

Discounted Insoles

Bespoke Treatment Plan

Home Exercises App

Discount available for students, approved clubs, Blue Light & MoD

Addons available during your treatment package:

  • Additional Gait Analysis £99
  • 30 min rehab session £40
  • 60 mins Sports Massage £35

We're focused on your goals

Our paramount focus is on providing individualized care. Your clinician will prioritize interventions based on what is most fitting for your unique case. This approach ensures that the assessment and any subsequent recommendations align with your specific needs for optimal care and improvement.

Whether you’re an athlete striving for peak performance or someone keen on enhancing your running gait, your clinician will utilize the results to offer personalized recommendations and strategies. These are specifically designed to target any imbalances or abnormalities and enhance overall efficiency.

Our commitment is to empower you with the knowledge necessary to optimize your movement. By translating the data into actionable insights, we enable you to make informed decisions that contribute to your rehabilitation, performance, and overall well-being.

Our primary goal is to effectively address your injuries and support you in attaining your specific objectives. By synergizing the expertise of our clinicians with the valuable insights derived from your Run3D assessment, we construct a comprehensive roadmap. This roadmap serves as a guiding framework for your rehabilitation journey, steering it toward successful and sustainable outcomes.

Consider your Run3D assessment as the commencement of your path to recovery. Have confidence in the process, and trust in our unwavering commitment to you. Together, we navigate towards the restoration of your musculoskeletal health, ensuring a collaborative and supportive approach throughout your rehabilitation journey.