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Pre-Season fitness training for skiing

This is the time of the year when people start to think about their annual ski trip. Even if you are heading off soon for your skiing holiday it’s not too late to start getting yourself fit for your trip.

Skiing is demanding on our cardiovascular system, the heart and lungs. Even more so adding the fact that you are at a higher altitude than normal, which adds to the loading on your body. It’s an all body work out for muscles and joints but of course predominantly for the legs.

In addition to this that to maximize your time away you might well be skiing from when the lifts open until the last run down. It would be unusual to spend 7 hours a day for six days in a row doing some intense exercise that you haven’t done for a year and think that you are prepared!

The following ideas on exercise and training will help you prepare better to get more out of your days, make you less tired when you are there and also prevent injury.Read More